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The Mailata, who tips the scales at 157kg and stands

Former South Sydney junior Jordan Mailata could finally get the chance to play in the NFL after a season ending injury to Philadelphia Eagles starting left tackle Andre Dillard. The Mailata, who tips the scales at 157kg and stands at over two metres tall, was drafted by the Eagles in 2018 but has yet to play a down in the NFL with injury cutting short his 2019 season. Despite having never played American football before being drafted, the Eagles have maintained they have high hopes for 23 year old from Sydney due to his size and intangibles.

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Luck’s return Andrew Luck is back with the Indianapolis Colts after missing all of last season following shoulder surgery. The Colts desperately need him to resemble the quarterback who once appeared on his way to becoming the league’s next big thing. If not, the retooling project being overseen by General Manager Chris Ballard and Frank Reich, the new head coach hired after the Colts were spurned by Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in a post Super Bowl twist, won’t be off to a promising start..

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